Pavers Versus Stamped Concrete 

Are you into upgrading your driveway, patio or walkway to pavers or stamped concrete? If so, either of this two could make a significant difference for your residential or commercial property. However, selecting between the two options can be tough, and that is the reason why you need to know or determine which choice would better suit your needs. As a matter of fact, you should also know the advantages and disadvantages of having pavers and stamped concrete. The following are some of the comparisons of pavers and stamped concrete you need to consider when choosing which suit you best: 

 Pavers Versus Stamped Concrete 

  1. Appearance

With its one-of-a-kind texture, stamped concrete Sunny Vale may be more aesthetically pleasing and more ornate compared to pavers. In addition to that, it can be made to resemble natural stone or segmented paving. However, you should not discount pavers when talking about appearance. Pavers can be extremely aesthetically appealing, and manipulated to make different designs as well. 

  1. Installation

Since concrete is poured, it is basically considered to be much easier to install compared to pavers, which usually have to be laid manually by hand. However, it still does not matter whether you select pavers or stamped concrete, you better leave this kind of task to the professionals for better results. Stamped concrete needs time to cure and dry, and that may take days, and for some cases, weeks. Installing stamped concrete involves proper planning, grading and excavation as well. Installing pavers, on the other hand, takes more preparation and a bit complicated between the two. 

  1. Durability 

While the stamped concrete may split or crack when there are changes in the temperature or shifting of the ground below it, sealer can actually be applied in order to protect the concrete against outside factors such as pool chemicals that can cause damage to your concrete. Pavers can also be a good option, as far as durability’s concerned, since they do not crack or split much often. However, it can become loose in the long run, that can create trip hazards.   

  1. Maintenance

Stamped concrete is so easy to upkeep. All you have to do in order to maintain cleanliness is to wash your stamped concrete using a brush, water, and dish soap, and then, rinse it thoroughly. Although it can be stained overtime, you may apply a quality sealant to help avoid stains. Aside from that, you should also make sure you reapply sealant on a regular basis. Pavers are easy to upkeep as well but not as simple as stamped concrete. One problem that can hurt you if neglected is weeds that can grow between cracks and crevices. But you can also apply polymer sand into the cracks to avoid growth of weeds. 

  1. Cost

If you select pavers over stamped concrete, you can generally expect to spend a little more than the other way around because of the more complicated process of installation. Pavers basically have to be laid manually by hand, and it really takes more skill, time and patience. 


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